A memory from: May 3, 2013…”a since of {{{ “OH YEAH” }}} in ya”

Pullin' away from the Pier this morning 06-29-12 (2)

I finally got me a Good HOT Shower this morning and feel WONDERFUL after that. Got my 3rd cup of Coffee & I’m out on the Deck enjoying the light breeze, The Squirrels are (barking) arguing back & forth, just a few minutes ago there was a Flock of Crows Dive Bombing a Hawk sitting up in the Big Oak Tree in the lower yard. Sometimes I think they just like to hear themselves make a lot racket. There is a Big Blue Herron down on the Boat Launch catching his breakfast. I love sitting out here like this. There are some Motor Cycles crossing Stemley Bridge heading toward Talladega. That reminds me, the Talladega Race is this weekend. There come 2 Canadian Geese waddling up the Boat Ramp. They are beautiful birds but leave one hell of a mess behind. Oh well, the rain will take care of it later tonight. The Lake is almost @ Full Pool (Summer Level) now. It won’t be long before everyone with a boat will have them out and burning gas again (me included). There is just something about skimming across the water @ 65 (+/-) mph with the wind in your face to instill a since of {{{ “OH YEAH” }}} in ya. I need to close & enjoy the cup of Joe before it gets too cold to enjoy…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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