…”this glorious day the Lord has provided”…

The Holy Bible

It’s been a long week. I heard of the Passin’ of two guys from my younger years. One just a social relationship to me. But the other a life long FRIEND! Then there’s another tragic issue that has been on goin, the son of an “Ole Friend” & his Bride, fightin’ just to holdin’-on. Prayers go out to that family as they do all they can for their son. On the Home-Front here? Well the AC Unit is on the “Fritz” AGAIN!. It’s been revived before. Don’t know about this time. But compared to the before  mentioned problems of others it’s trivial. We’ll get past it, again! After bein’ promised rain, by all of the TV Weather Folks, for over the last two weeks, there wasn’t any here but it fell all around us. Just my luck! Silly me took’em @ their Forecasts! I bought & scattered Fertilizer all over my saggin’ lawn. I watered it as best possible, with a hose & sprinkler,  late in the evenin’s. Little help there! I must say though we finally got some here Friday evenin’ but not near enough. Nothin’ is as good as a Good Ole Natural Soakin’ from the skies above. So I’m hopin’ over the next few days we’ll get more of what has been predicted. Hum-m-m-m… Then the other side of the rain/fertilizer coin is “I GET TO CUT IT ALL”! Damned if you do & Damned it you don’t”. Well I’ve had my swell of “Joe” this mornin’ so it’s time to get on with this glorious day the Lord has provided me with. Y’all go enjoy it as well…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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