…”Why?…Why Him (them)”?…


The Holy BibleThis mornin’ came early as most do. My Bride rose early, tip-toed around gettin’ ready to go to work, bein’ ever so quiet as not to wake me. Have I ever said how much I love that woman? WELL I DO! I got up at 5:30, after she left for work. I staggered into the kitchen to punch the “Go Button on the Joe Pot”. I power up my lap top and start seein’ posts about an “Ole Friend” who has passed, yesterday I believe. We go back to our early elementary school days, as well as other gatherin’ places. He recently RETIRED from Teachin’, & apparently he was a well liked & respected Teacher. He had recently be takin’ treatments for that “Demon” we call {{{{{ CANCER ! }}}}}. As I sit here chattin’ with other friends, on line & from all over, about the Passin’ of our mutual friend I can feel the the air, {{{ Psssssss }}}, just seepin’ from me. The shock, sadness, & reality of his loss settin’ in. I know the first thing we always wonder is “Why?…Why Him (them)”? He had been battlin’ so had that “Demon”, within him, & lookin’ forward to brighter, happy, & healthier days. GOD Bless you & R.I.P. “My Ole Friend”…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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