A memory from: April 30, 2013″One more “Mug-O-Joe” and I’ll get at”…

Mornin' Mug & Pot-O JoeA memory from: April 30, 2013: Bar Keep, I’ll have a Banana, a Cup of Dry Cheerios, & Hot Coffee please. Today I have several things I need to get done before tomorrow’s Gallbaldder Surgery. I just hope that as I am gettin’ my chores done today that “Ole Saw Bones” is gettin’ out his Honin’ Stone, oil can, & Set of Scalpels. Ain’t nothin’ worse that tryin’ to hack into a tough old hide with a dull knife. Not to mention the Stitches don’t have to be near as big (to close up that damn gap), the Scar will be neater, & the healin’ process goes smoother. I need to go stock up Salve, Mercurochrome, Merthiolate, Band-aids & and a New Bottle of Aspirin. That means a trip to Wally World. I got the Old T-shirts & Socks washing right now (boiled them last night). I’ll get’em cut up into strips and squares (to save on bandages) later today. The Stump Root is on the boil right now, it will be ready later as it’s sap is rendered down. I’ll get the grass cut in between gettin’ the other chores done so no strange animals wander in to graze in the next couple of weeks while I’m restin’ this well sculpted body, I don’t need to bust them stitches. That ought to about do it. One more “Mug-O-Joe” and I’ll get at…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>  


3 thoughts on “A memory from: April 30, 2013″One more “Mug-O-Joe” and I’ll get at”…

  1. My husband had his gallbladder out about seven years ago. He was pretty sick, but I tell yuh’ he felt so much better within a few hours of waking up. His skin color was normal again.

    I’ll keep you in my prayers!


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