…”Ole #2 grabs Ole #1″…

Crappie-b 4-24-16

Today was one of those laid back kinda Sundays. My Bride & I enjoyed some small talk, browsed items of interest on our lap tops, I was catchin’ up on the News, &  we consumed our Mugs-O-Joe we waited so patiently for. I helped My Bride get a couple of projects done out on The Deck & out in front of the house. I wasted away the greatest part of the day piddlin’ around on nothin’. Made a trip to the local grocery store to pick up some needed items & Steaks for supper. Got the Steaks to doin’ the back stroke in some Dales Sauce for a while as I was gettin’ the grill cleaned off & ready. Nice afternoon to fire the Grill up. After supper I thought I’d take “Ole Chrome & Blue” (Rattle Trap) out for a swim. Made a few casts & caught a nice Crappie. Had a little fun with’em, took a few pictures of’em and let go to fight another day. Picked up my rod, went to cast, & the Rod & Reel went further than “Ole Chrome & Blue” did. Well I felt about like an idiot! I just stood there watchin’ about $200.00 driftin’ toward the bottom, about 15 feet down. Now I KNOW I ain’t goin’ in after it cause that water’s still too damn cold for this “Ole Boy”.Sooo, I take a slow stroll up to the house, grab another Rod & Reel with another “Ole Chrome & Blue” rigged on it & head back down to the my neighbors pier where I had been fishin’. There I am, draggin’ “Ole & Blue” #2 across the bottom, inch by inch tryin’ to snag Rod #1.Well in the process I caught 2 small Spotted Bass that thought they’d bother me in my recovery mission. We played a few minutes & I let’em each go like I did the Crappie. I hung some sort of garment bag, caught a few limbs, & 45 minutes later {{{{{ Success! }}}}}. Ole #2 grabs Ole #1 & brings it to the surface. I get #1 back in hand wipe it down & start castin’ it. All functions are-a-go. Caught 2 more small Spots & headed back to the house for the evenin’. Gently stored Ole #1 & #2 away for the evenin’ & headed upstairs. Yeah, another good day. Night all…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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