…”OK-all is well”…

Mornin' Mug & Pot-O Joe

4:15 a.m. {{{{{ Merk, Merk, Merk, Merk, Merk ! }}}}}…Click. “Honey it’s 4:15…”Yeah, I know mine’ll be goin’ off in just a second” she gently moans. Then her cell phone starts Ringin’ & the Strobe Light Show begins. She says “I’m up”!. I turn over & try to go back to sleep. But just toss & turn for a while. It’s now 4:45 a.m., I get up slowly & ease into the bathroom where she’s gettin’ ready to go. “Are you gettin’ up”?, she asks. Oooooh I have head ache! I need some Ibuprofen please! Nurse Gray hands me some & a cup of water to choke’em down with & I do. I turn to exit, she asks “are you stayin’ up”? No, I’m goin’ to lay back down for a while. I don’t remember her leavin’ at all. At 6:08 a.m. {{{{{ Brrrrr-Brrrrr-Brrrrr-Brrrrr ! }}}}}…Huh, what the hell? Kickin’ off the sheet, risin’ like a rocket, feet hit the floor, as I realize it’s the Smoke Detectors goin’ off (there’re 5 upstairs & 1 downstairs) ! They stopped just suddenly as they had begun! Huh-h-h? I gather my senses about me, quickly I realize I don’t smell smoke? I rush to do an inside the parameter check of the Main Floor, NOTHIN’ !  I hurry down the stairs to check “The Cave”, stumble on the last step-but catch my balance like a Deer. Quickly check the Lower Level inside parameter, The Cave,  the bathroom, the Bass Boat garage, & the Storage/Junk Area (yeah, we all have one) NOTHIN’ !  I step out on on the patio & do a quick survey of the outer parameter of the house, in the mistin’ rain, NOTHIN’ ! I head back inside, stop to wipe my feet good because I damn sure don’t want to track anything in. Head back upstairs, huffin’ & puffin’ & realize it was some sort of FALSE ALARM!  DAMN IT! Guess I’ll be checkin’/replacin’ all of the batteries in the Smoke Detectors today. Well, I’m up NOW! I head to the “Joe-Pot” to hit the GO Button. GOD bless Nurse Gray-she had already done it for me before she left. I fix my 1st Mug-O-Joe of the mornin’, get comfortable in my “Lazy Boy” and take a few deep, relaxin’ breaths…OK-all is well…”Hold’em Hook”! …..BG>


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