…”that bloated feelin’ we all get after a BIG MEAL”!…


20150613_125051_resizedYesterday (Tuesday) evenin’ after we had finished supper I was lookin’ down toward the water and noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a lot {{{ SPLASHIN” }}} goin’ on at the end of our short pier. I stepped out on The Deck & kept watchin’ tryin’ to figure out what it was.. I determined it was a bird of some type really thrashin’ the water with it’s wings. Not sure if it was a Duck, an Osprey, or what? Finally I made it out to be a Blue Heron! Strugglin to make it’s way out of the water! I called My Bride out to see it. A Blue Heron had what looked to be a GOOD size fish in it’s beak. The Heron was strugglin’ to hold onto the fish, tryin’ to get it out of the water, & to dry land. Finally it did! You could tell the Fish was fightin’ for it’s life. We could see it bendin’ & floppin’ in the Heron’s beak & the Herons long neck & head bein’ jerked around in the fight. Now understand, we are 200 (plus) feet away watchin’ this from up on the deck. My Bride breaks out the Binoculars. We finally identify the Fish the Heron was strugglin’ with was a BASS! From where we were it looked to be a pretty damn good size fish! The Heron struggled to get on on the seawall & on over into the grass. The Heron then dropped it on the ground. Seemed to stand there, admirin’ his catch as the fish flopped all around on the ground. Ever now & then the Heron would nudge it back away from the seawall as the Bass seemed to be lookin’ for the water. Now the Heron was Slammin’ it pretty hard with it’s beak, as though it was tryin’ to kill it so he could consume it. I figured the Heron would kill it, pluck it apart, & consume it in bits & pieces due to it’s size. As large as that Bass was I thought there was no way in hell it could swallow it whole as a bird like that would ordinarily do. It just looked too big for that. I wanted a closer look so I work my way down there usin’ the trees for cover. The Heron hadn’t noticed me, I had gotten to within, about, 30 feet of it. It was still hammerin’ that Bass it with it’s beak. Occasionally the Heron would pick it up & {{{ SLAM ! }}} it on the ground tryin’ to kill or stun it. The Heron picked it back up, jumped off of the seawall on to the river bed. Still {{{ Peckin’ & Slammin’ }}} it I tried to ease closer. I realized I had my phone in my pocket, I eased it out & up hopin’ to get a couple of pictures of this event. The pictures I got don’t do justice to the situation as the Heron was shielded by the seawall & I really didn’t get good pictures of what I was watchin’. I figured as big as that Bass was it was goin’ to choke if he tried to swallow it whole. Finally the Heron got the Bass’s head in


it’s beak, in the proper position as to swallow it whole, head first, the Bass still flopin’ & strugglin’. And in a FLASH!, I mean the “Bat Of An Eye”!,the Heron flipped his head up and that Bass went down it’s slender neck! 


WOW! I never thought it would make it. The Heron stood there with it’s head stretched high, I guess still tryin’ to get the Bass down just right.


I was impressed! The Heron finally looked at me, turned slowly, stepped out into the waters edge & struggled, I mean REALLY struggled to get airborne to fly away from me. It barely got airborne & was strugglin’ to stay airborne. I guess that Bass was strugglin’ inside tryin’ to get out! It wasn’t a graceful flight to the other side of the slough but the Heron, strugglin’ on a zig-zag flight finally made it to the other side. It stood there for a few moments, rather stoic, & finally walked out of my sight. I guess he was feelin’ that bloated feelin’ we all get after a BIG MEAL! What a way to end my day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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