New Boat 004 - Copy
It’s almost that time of year again – for the cycle to repeat its self. It’s sneakin’ up on us all. just a month & a half away. It was 7 long months ago when it ended. Lake Dwellers know! It’s in the air. Ya see it in the stores. It’s heard (& seen) in the gyms (oh the sweat do be drippin’ from bodies). The washin’ & waxin’ (yeah that waxin’ too!) has begun. Bird, Duck, & Wasp Nests bein’ cleaned out. Buildin’ supply stores are sellin’ the heck out of lumber & nails. The smell of debris piles burnin’ fill the air. Hammers hittin’ the nails on the heads. Engines begin to hum as tweekin’ (no not twerkin’) begins. Marine Parts business & Repairs are pickin’ up, “I need it back by next weekend” is repeated over & over! “Yeah, OK! We’ll do what we can” is the reply that’s returned to the customer. Sale, Sale, Sale signs by the thousands in the stores. All the local “Shop & Robs” (Convenience Stores) are tweekin’ (again not twerkin’) their inventories. Grills bein’ drug out, cleaned up, repaired, & some even painted as needed or even replaced. The rubbin’ of Butt’s (some’ll even be gettin’ massaged), Ribs & Yard Birds (Chicken) will soon be takin’ place. The Smokin’ (no Papers required) & Grillin’ of said Butts, Ribs & Yard Birds will soon be fillin’ the air on a regular basis, by the “Weekend Chefs”. The Young, the Hard, & the Chunky Bodies’ll will all be gettin’ slathered with lotions & custom ointments, {{{{ Oooo }}}}, a little MORE right there! Sunburn lotions & ointments will be fylin’ off of the shelves at the end of the 1st day. Hospitals may even have to treat some extreme cases (some people never learn). Fishermen, Fisherwomen, & Poor Children will flood the “ER” for HOOK REMOVALS. Yep, SUMMER TIME ON THE LAKE begins with the coming of the Three Day “Memorial Day” Weekend. I do hope all of the damage to Boats, Water Toys, Property, & Personal Injuries (which we know will be happenin’) are kept to a minimum…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

One thought on ““Yep, SUMMER TIME ON THE LAKE”…

  1. This post has me laughin’! Your wife must be so proud that you know how to use twerking in the only manner it should ever be used-as a joke. Hilarious!!! I’m so ready for summer! We don’t own a boat but once a year we drive all the way to the Missouri/Arkansas border and rent a bass boat for a day. It’s the best feeling to find just the fishing spot and listen to nature while a trout bites your line. The only thing that makes it better is when they’re hooked and they fight yuh!

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