“Now the important question is -“…

Mornin' Mug & Pot-O Joe
@ 4:10 a.m. this mornin’, “Merk-Merk-Merk-Merk”! My alarm clock was goin’ off. I went to roust My Bride up but she had heard it as well. Just a few seconds later Her alarm, on her phone was ringin’ it’s chimes & producin’ a Strobe-light  Show. We both slowly rolled out of bed. My “Ole Bones” were Creekin, Crackin’ & Poppin’ as I hobbled across the room. My Bride was going to make a batch of No-Name “Heat’em & Eat’em” Biscuits this mornin’ to take to work. Others at her work place were goin’ to be supplyin’ the condiments to add to the biscuits. Nice idea to do! My daughter enters out of the shadows from the other side of the house into the Kitchen to help My Bride. I hit the “GO” Button on the “Pot-O-Joe” to get that miracial elixir to brewin’. I kept hearin’ a strange noise runnin’ thru the shadowy areas of the Great Room, sounded like the suction sounds of a toilet plunger across the hardwood floors. But I never could see anything. I think it was the “Pillsbury Doughboy”! gettin’ ready for a Sneak Attack on the No Name “Heat’em & Eat’em” Biscuits in the oven. By now the “Pot-O-Joe” “GO” button went off tellin’ me that the miracial elixir was ready. As I was fillin’ my Mug with “Joe” I heard it again. I {{{ Sloshed }}} a little on the counter as I whipped my head around, damn that hurt, & missed  seein’ him again. I had to get me some Asprin for my neck & sat down to gobble down a couple of  biscuit of my own with some cheese & bacon on’em. While all this was goin’ on the No Name “Heat’em  Eat’em” Biscuits were gettin finished up, & packed for their “One Way” Road Trip this mornin’. Well My Bride got out the door, Daughter went back to bed, I got my 2nd “Mug-O-Joe”, & cleaned up the counter mess I made earlier. I never saw that rascal but the foot prints were a dead give away. I’ll bet he went up the chimney in a quick escape, before I could catch’em. I cleaned up the “flour dustin’ of foot prints” off the floor though. Damn, I should’ve taken some pictures! Oh well, #2 is gone so I need a refill of “Joe”. #3’ll empty that Pot. I hate lookin’ down in an empty “Mug”! Now the important question is – “Do I need To Make Another Pot-O-Joe”?  Hum-m-m-m…Y’all go enjoy your day now…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

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