…”the palette of colors that GOD has painted”…


This mornin’, while waitin’ on the “Joe-Pot” to produce it’s magical elixir, I was gazin’ out a window, in our family room, down toward the lake. There is a constant shimmerin’ of the water surface as there is a light breeze blowin’ across it. Twas still a little chilly to go out & sit to enjoy the mornin’. Yes Spring, in all of her majesty, has in-fact sprung. The last of the Dog Woods white peddles are barely hangin’ on before fallin’ to the ground. The Azaleas have bloomed & they too are barely holdin’ on to their last blooms, of mixed colors, before wiltin’ & fallin’ to the ground. I got the lawn cut & trimmed up the other day which looks nice as it twists and turns around all of the trees. The Hickories & Oaks a all dressed in their new leafs & are beautiful with their differin’ shades of green all mixed together. Scattered among all of the hardwoods are the tall Pines, yet another shade of green, addin’ to the tapestry of the yard. Yes, another wonderful look at the palette of colors that GOD has painted, across his canvas, there before me. Thank you Lord for this site, this day, & this life. Amen…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


3 thoughts on “…”the palette of colors that GOD has painted”…

  1. You’ve done a wonderful job giving highlight to Gods creation! I envy the view. I am beside myself with excitement for our first fishing trip. Haven’t even planned it yet, but I’m working on warming the kids up to a big ol’ campin’ trip for our summer vacation. With such a tight budget it’s that or playing at the local park. But we won’t mention the park. *shhhh* lol

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