…”I’ll be keepin’ my fingers crossed”…

Just Chillin'

For the last three days I have been spending a few hours, each day, out in my Back, Side & Lower Front yards trying to make them look better. I bought some Fertilizer & Grass Seed (to use in those heavily shaded areas). I hope my efforts pay off. I spent 5 hrs Tuesday on the Ridin’ Lawnmower pullin’ my Lawn Aerator preparin’ the areas for the Fertilizer & Seed (where they are needed). I spent 3 hrs last evenin’ out there, after keepin’ 2 of my 3 Grands all day in “The Ham”, then gettin’ the Fertilized & Seed out because the Weather Men on 3 of the local major channels said we had a good chance of rain over night {{{{{ WRONG ! }}}}}. Now I have all of the fertilizer on it and NO RAIN! So today I have spent most of the day (5 hrs) out there waterin’ 3/4 of a acre, by hand, before it gets chemically burned. Oh, and might I add, the Weather Men WERE WRONG! I damn sure hope we get some rain over night tonight or by late tomorrow or I’ll be out there Waterin’ it all again! The shaded areas have had the most work to them. Last summer I really cut/trimmed back a lot of my trees as much as 14 ft off of the ground, to let in more sun light & eliminate as much of the shaded areas as I can short of crankin’ up a Chain Saw. So over the next 48 hrs I’ll be keepin’ my fingers crossed hopin’ for the best. If all goes well it’ll start lookin’ good in about 3 weeks. I need another “COLD BEER”…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


One thought on “…”I’ll be keepin’ my fingers crossed”…

  1. Those manual tree trimmers are beast on the arms! We’ve spent the last Freddy’s sound the same…just not with the same dedication. You should post a pic one of these days of your handy work! I hope it rains so you can have a day to enjoy it.

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