“What I do with it is up to ME”.

IMG_0364I know that I’m an Optimistic type of person. My glass is NEVER HALF EMPTY! I prefer to look at MY Glass as HALF FULL! I know there are many of us out here in “Blog Land” that are writin’ poetry, life’s activities, some fiction, some (nice) Sexual Dreams & (maybe even) Sexual Experiences. There are many Positive articles but it seems like  even more Dark articles. It’s as though too many folks seem to have a very negative out look on their futures due to misfortunes that have happened to them in the past. At times in our past lives we have, probably, all had some Dark times. How we respond to those times effects how we go on with our lives. I personally have had my own Dark Times & Demons to deal with. But I refuse to let them control me. I am in control of my Life, my Attitude, &  my Ethics. NO ONE can control or change THEM but ME. Because I won’t allow it. I thank GOD every night, when I get in bed, for the life I have been blessed with. I know that I’m a Blessed Man. Every mornin’ I thank him for allowin’ me to wake to a New Day. What I do with it is up to ME. HE provides me with options & I make the choices that I’ll answer for…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


3 thoughts on ““What I do with it is up to ME”.

  1. You know, I see much of the same. I (eh-hem) even in my depression TRY like HELL not to remain there with my writing. Instead using it to bring the love back. I may let the hard parts out now and then if I’m stuck…but I choose not to remain there. I also begin and end my day with God. It’s a blessing to know that on those rough days or long nights I have him to listen to me, be my partner through the lily fields and the storms.
    I think that no matter the season of our lives we have to choose a reaction. It’s hard no doubt but just choosing anything will change it somehow! (Does that last big make sense? I tried to reword it but it just sounded more off lol.)
    This is a good post. It got me thinking! Well done.

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