…”a wonderful way to spend a day”…

Goin' for a ride #2   7-12-14 - Copy

Saturday, my Bride & Daughter were “Quiltin’. I was just piddlin’ around down in “The Cave”. I noticed it was lunch time so I headed upstairs & I fixed me some lunch. Sat down to enjoy it & decided, while eatin’, to take the “Ole H-D” out for a ride. The weather was absolutely wonderful, upper 50’s & breezy when I left out & in the mid 60’s, still with a gusty breeze, when I got back. Rode down to Childersburg on the back roads, just easin’ along. I’ll bet I never hit 55mph. Rode back up by Logan Martin Dam & spoke to some other riders that were there takin’ a break. They were from Alex City, AL also out just crusin’ along themselves. Head up the lake to Lake Side Landin’. There was a huge Alabama High School Bass Tournament startin’ their Weigh-In. It’s good to see all of those kids takin’ up Bass Fishin’. Spoke to several of the Sponsors there. They are really behind it as well. Got back to the house 4 hours after I left. It was really a wonderful way to spend a day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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