“I’m where I was intended to be”…

Just Chillin'

We have all been asked before, probably more than once, “Don’t you wish you could go BACK & DO THAT, what ever THAT might be, differently”? You know what I mean, not dated that person, not gone there, not changed jobs, etc., etc., etc. Wow, what would your life be like? Ya ever thought that? Do you still wish you could? If YOU Could – Would YOU? Me personally, I really don’t think I have, I don’t think I ever would, & I had reasons to. I have always believed there are reasons for what ever has happened. This is somethin’ my Mother used to instill in me growin’ up, “There’s a reason for that” & you’ll know later why. So far “Later” has never come! I was never a good student in school, and most of it was my fault. What if I’d made better grades? If I had committed myself more to Academics & Athletics could I have gone to College & maybe even played Pro @ somethin’? I Enlisted in the Military, the USAF, because I didn’t want to get Drafted into the US Army! I extended my entire time in the USAF in Germany because I fell in love with Germany/Europe & didn’t want to leave, maybe I would have gone to Vietnam. Just think about that, your individual conditions of course. If I had changed anything way back when I wouldn’t be where I am now! All I know is I’m in a wonderful place right now. I could NEVER have dreamed it would be as wonderful as it has been. I could never have planned it out any better than it has been & is. Have there been “Highs & Lows” along the way, of course. But they were supposed to be there, I just didn’t know it. I had to respond to’em. I always had choices! I’m where I was intended to be, I know that. I know inside of me that GOD has had control of this, & I’m sure there’s more to come, all planned out. Yeah, I’m Truly A Blessed Man…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG> 


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