…Mornin’ Mug-O-Joe…”a deep sigh of relief”…


Mornin' Mug & Pot-O JoeI know I’m not alone here. You get up in the mornin’, the time is irrelevant, to start your day. Ya do your personal business then stumble your way to the Joe-Pot & punch the GO button, if you (or someone that loves you) got it ready the night before. Then you wander around tryin’ to find somethin’ to munch on, maybe head to the shower to get clean & awake, maybe just throw a Tee-shirt on then stumble back to that Joe-Pot, only to realize you put that Tee-shirt on backwards, oh the hell with-it!!! As your hands, trimble ya get your Joe-Mug wiped out from yesterday, yeah, that’s clean enough! The bubblin & gurglin’ finally stops! It’s READY!!!  “$#!+”!!!, ya burn your hand as ya miss the Mug, that mess’ll just to wait. Aahhh, the aroma wafts by your nose, your hands are still trembling, ya shuffle to that special  relaxin’ place to sit & enjoy that 1st Mug-O-Joe, “$#!+”!!!, ya slosh it on your lap as ya flop down. Ya finally get it to your lips & start to blow on it as not to burn you mouth. Nothin’ worse than that 1st thing in the mornin’! Again, Aahhh, that 1st slurp/sip gets by your lips & that release of endorphin’s settles your hands as a deep sigh of relief eases from you. Yeah, all is good in the world now! Yeah, most of you have been there…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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