…Mornin’ Mug-O-Joe #2…”there’s still Joe in the Pot”…


Mornin' Mug & Pot-O JoeAs the burnin’ sensations ease up your mind shifts gears, again, what’s the agenda for the day? You’re noddin’ your head, as though you’re agreein’ with yourself,  as you’re really enjoyin’ your Mug-O-Joe. Then reality reaches up from the bottom of your Mug & {{{ SLAPS }}} you as you start to see the edge of the bottom, of your Mug, starts to appear before your still blurry vision. To hell with the agenda, as ya realize ya need to another Mug-O-Joe to continue considerin’ your agenda for the day. Now your gait has opened up, fewer strides on the return trip, to the Joe-Pot. Ya notice the mess from before, it’ll still have to wait. Now with steady hands ya pour that 2nd Mug-O-Joe, return to your comfy spot, get situated, this time NO Slips, Spills, or Burns. Ya figure out what this day has in store for ya, where to start, & what the attire for the day will be. Aahhh, this 2nd Mug-O-Joe is better than the first, it must have aged a little in-between pours? Hum-m-m, you’re already wonderin’ what the next Mug will be like. As you wipe the corners of your mouth from rushin’ thru the last gulp as ya head toward the site of the counter mess ya made earlier, yeah hell, it’s still gonna wait, there’s still Joe in the Pot that needs to be consumed…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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