“Just somethin’ to wonder about”…


How many of you/us have looked back at School Pictures you have just layin’ around in old boxes, maybe even on display around your homes, maybe over @ Mom’s home, or in storage box off site somewhere & wondered “What was their name”? Come on, I want to see a show of hands. Ok, some of you aren’t bein’ honest with yourself, are you? Especially those pictures that NEVER HAD THE NAMES of the students put on’em by the Company that took’em? How many of you have looked back at Old High School Year Books, read those cute little poems, don’t ever change, I’ll see you next year, I’ll see you around the pool this summer, &  wonderful comments from someone signed “Love Ya, Pat” (or whoever). Pat WHO? You/We/I don’t remember this person? I’ll be willin’ to bet 80% of you out there can’t remember who 1/2 of those “NO LAST NAME” People are. Be honest with yourself? I often wondered if they did that on purpose? Maybe they just thought they were THE ONLY PAT you would ever know. Is it possible they did it on purpose just to keep you guessin’ over it every time you look back at it. Or was it someone else, say Bob or Barbara doin’ it just to mess with your head knowin’ you’d never figure it out! Interestin’ ain’t it? Right now some of you are sittin’ there thinkin’ you’re goin’ to look back at some & figure’em out, yeah ya are, admit it!. Just somethin’ to wonder about…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


2 thoughts on ““Just somethin’ to wonder about”…

  1. lannette

    Guilty as charged. Most people might remember me by name since it was unusual at time, at the least the spelling of it was. Some of the ones I can remember but mostly not.

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