My Military Career Part #11..”My how time flew”….

Slide726 - Copy Within just a few months after I arrived in Germany I had passed  my Drivers License Test, bought a Used Car, was Engaged, so I needed to get an apartment. I found one, a nice two (2) bedroom, right up the street, 4 houses as a matter of fact, from Sgt Tom & Gabi in Kindsbach on a Dead End Street. I rented from a young German Couple who lived down below, on ground level. The wife’s family ran the local Butcher Shop in town so I could always got fresh cut, choice, meat when I needed it. It was close enough to The Cave where I worked & it was close enough that if I felt like walkin’, which I did many times, especially during the Fuel Crisis in 1973. But I had done all of this in expectation of a havin’ a spouse there before years end. Well, we all know what happened with that plan. Other than being close to where I worked there were many other GREAT things about the location of my apartment. Within just short walkin’ distances were two (2) Wonderful Restaurants. “Schuff’s” was one of’em, was  a wonderful German Food, family run, Restaurant, known for their Large Schnitzel (a breaded & fried Veal cutlet) offerin’s. The other was “Da Tony’s” fine Italian Dinnin’, also family run, & it was just across the street. At “Da Tony’s” they had a Special after dinner Liqueur Drink that I was introduced to. Amaretto! Amaretto is a sweet, almond-flavoured, Italian Liqueur associated with Saronno, Italy. There @ “Da Tony’s” served in Warm in a nice small, long stem, decorative Liqueur/Shot Glass! Just sip it slowly! Aahhh, WONDERFUL!  If you haven’t ever had it, YOU SHOULD try it! Another place I spent a LOT of time at was Kindsbach Lake. There was a very nice little Outside German Cafe alongside the lake. You could enjoy a nice afternoon lunch there, good German Biers, White Wines, & German Wursts (sort of like Smoked Sausages) of various types, flavors, & sizes served on a bun or as a plate dish. Or you could order a Schnitzel sandwich or plate dish as well. There were Small Row (Jon) Boats there that could be rented if you wanted to just get out on the water & away from the crowd. There was NO FISHIN’ allowed there, to my knowledge. At one end there was a perfect place to ease into the water & enjoy swimmin’. Also there was a great place to Cookout. We used to take our Grills & Ice Chests down there and Really “Red-Necked” the place up. My future “Military Brat” Bride once saw me with Ribs in hand & Sauce smeared all about my face, then dive in the lake to wash off. The look on her face was priceless! I could see her thinkin’ “Do I really want to get involved with him”? There was also plenty of room for  blankets & towels for enjoyin’ the Summer Days. My apartment was just 2 1/2 blocks from there. I had a nice Deck across the back of my 2nd floor apartment. I had a Stereo System just waitin’ to be “Cranked Up”. The view was wonderful lookin’ back across the small town of Kindsbach, beyond there the valley, & on toward the Air Base. Across the street’ lookin’ from the front side was a wooded mountain side risin’ almost straight up. Oh, and after my “Dear John period” there were many many parties held there. My life was great. The only time I ever wore a military uniform was to work. Or if I ever had an official meetin’ back of Ramstein Air Base. But they were slim few! Many of my friends never saw me in a uniform and some didn’t really realize I was in the Service or just didn’t care.The parties there were a mixture of German friends, Military Brats, & GI’s. We always a blast & Never Ever any fights! I spent 2 1/2 years in that apartment. My how time flew…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


5 thoughts on “My Military Career Part #11..”My how time flew”….

  1. I’m sure your wife still picture you as the guy with ribs on his face jumping into the water. That’s probably also one of the things she adores about you! That’s just how women are. Have you ever been back in the area your apartment was since exiting the service? I wonder if still has the same feeling…

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    1. No, I have not. Thought about it but haven’t. Have looked it up on Google Earth and there have been some developmental changes. But was it ever a GREAT time in my life!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

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