My Military Career Part #10 “Luck of the Draw I guess”…

AB JOHN W. Gray, USAF, Basic Training, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Tx, July 25, 1971After my “Dear John” period I got myself dried out, I drank a little too much, got squared away, “I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone”, & started dating. I met & dated several German girls, a French girl, & a few Military Brats . I know it was a cultural thing but some those German Girls I dated had more hair on their legs than I did. Kinda embarrassin’, ya know! I met most of’em, the German & French girls, at “The Tuff Tuff” Disco in Neunkirchen, a place I frequented a lot. During my time in Germany I met a lot off Military Dependents that were still in High School, out of School, & some taking College Courses on Base & enjoyin’ life in Europe livin’ with Mom & Dad. Several attended “The American University” in Munich, Germany. It was mainly for Military Dependents from all over Europe. There were always others comin’ to spend the Summers/Vacation with Mom & Dad that were in College back in the States. Many I met never knew I was in the Military, many did & just didn’t care. I met most of them after my “Dear John” period, at a place called “The Roman Inn”, a Pizza, Bier & Coke place located at The Recreation Center on Base. Believe it or not it was a Family Place. Although it was always loaded with 17 thru 22 year old Military Brats & Young G.I.’s like myself. DJ’s played music many nights, weekends, & every now & then there would be a Band on Stage there. The place really got cranked up! I even got me a part time job there workin’ behind the Bar. I took orders for Pizza & sold Bier, we only served Draft, by the Glass or Pitcher. Also I was the “Live PA System”. I was ACTUALLY hired to call out “Order Numbers for pickup”. Those that know me will understand that! Worked great for me! May some good spendin’ money on the side, all the Pizza I wanted, & Free Bier as well. Damn Life was good! That is where I met My “Military Brat” Bride at. She came in there one night with a friend of ours. He was in the USAF & was assigned to the Security Police. It wasn’t long after that, May 1973, we started dating, & as I’ve told it before, we got married in Jan1975. She was out of High School, livin’ with younger sister (still in High School), Mom & Msgt Dad on Base, & she was workin’ on Base. After we got married we went to Munich, Germany just to get away for a few days but both of us had to get back to our jobs. Shortly after though we went to go to Paris (France) for about a week. Even though it was with another couple, it was kinda like a “Delayed Honey Moon” for us. All of this because “Uncle Sam” chose to send ME to Germany instead of Scenic Vietnam or somewhere else. I was SMART enough to EXTEND my entire time there at Ramstein Air Force Base & workin’ @ Kindsbach Bunker. Luck of the Draw I guess. Yeah, I was/am a WINNER!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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