“And Now, For The Rest Of The Story”!

Just Chillin'

Today I was doin’ some head scratchin’ while lookin’ at my BLOG Review. Things just weren’t addin’ up to me. It shows from the time it, today’s BLOG, was posted to current time, when I had it open, the # of Views, # of Likes, & # of Comments on that particular BLOG Post just didn’t seem right. It lets ME know how well it’s doin’, trackin’, you know interest level. This particular BLOG which I was reviewin’ it’s status showed 15 Views, 6 Likes, & 1 Comment. That made me think, Hum-m-m-m? Again, scratchin’ my head. I know it’s also tagged to my FB Post. There have be 32 Likes on FB. Well, it didn’t take a “Rocket Scientist”, & we ALL know I’m NOT ONE!, to figure out the “FB Likes” aren’t openin’ the BLOG to VIEW the REST of the BLOG Post! What also got my attention was that these folks, on FB “LIKED MY PICTURE” from 1975 of my “Military Brat” Bride & I today. But what most of them didn’t know is that there were TWO (2) Pictures on that BLOG Post. One (1) @ the BEGININ’ & One (1) @ the END, it was taken just a couple of months ago (in 2016)! Its Ok, I was just thinkin’ I had more VIEWS than the System was recordin’. But the System IS correct. Now I know, most folks aren’t openin’ The BLOG to read the complete post, & that’s OK also. But at least I know now there isn’t as much traffic there as I thought. Oh well, onward & upward. I just need to write more interestin’ articles to catch folks curious side, to open the BLOG Post, as Paul Harvey used to say “And Now, For The Rest Of The Story”!, & read the rest of the BLOG Post. Oh & for those that WANT to read “The Rest Of The Story” you don’t have to log/sign in on the site just to Read/View the BLOG. But if you want to Like or Comment you do. I’ll be workin’ harder from now on…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


4 thoughts on ““And Now, For The Rest Of The Story”!

  1. No need to work harder, just be you. I learned that as I branched out and left comments on others posts, I gained more followers and traffic on my blog. I don’t do Facebook so I have to rely on WordPress alone. If you go to the reader section of WordPress you can type in things of interest to you and other people’s posts will come up. Leave comments if you’d like…and take it from there. Just don’t change your blog for others, as YOU are the reason we follow!

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  2. Lannette Stallings

    I have read all of your blogs but did not know about signing into WordPress. Will do that from now on. I love reading your stories especially about you and Linda.

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