My Military Career Part #9 “Pretty Good Trophy For Myself”!…

01-31-75Linda & I on Our Wedding Day 01-31-75

In 1973 The War (Policin’ Action) in Vietnam was to come to an end. The Draft had ended. January 27, 1973 there was the “Paris Peace Accords (Peace Treaty)” signed. This started the endin’ of actions & releasin’ of prisoners. Like I said,it was a slow process and had to be verified oh too often to make sure of it’s progress. April 29, 1975 the last “Air America Flight”, a Helicopter, lifted off from” #22 Gia Long Street in Saigon”, South Vietnam. The Vietnam War (Policin’ Action), for the most part , was over for the US Forces. With this happenin’ there was no reason for me to think of Re-Enlisting or accepting another assignment. The USAF/Military was not a Career that I was lookin’ for. So, in June 1975 My “Military Brat” Bride & I departed for Charleston, SC. There I was Discharged & Out Processed on June17, 1975 spent the night & on June 18, 1975 we were headed HOME to  Birmingham,AL. There, havin’ been married 6 months we started a New Life with an unknown future in front of us. But we “Had Dreams”! My “Military Brat” Wife had/got to meet all of my Family & Friends. Everyone of them were NEW & WONDERFUL to her. And I must say she handled it all like a CHAMP! And why not! After all, She was a “Military Brat”. My Military Career had come to an end & I Resumed/ My Bride STARTED our Civilian lives together. My USAF experience was a good time of my life, 4 wonderful & excitin’ years I’ll never forget. I met some wonderful people, many of which I’m still in contact with. I got to travel to & see places I had only read & studied, and now wish I had done better at it, about in my early school years. I dearly fell in love with Europe. Many more stories could be & probably will be told @ a later date. And, best of all, I brought home a “Pretty Good Trophy For Myself”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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