My Military Career Part #8…”Yeah, I Married My “Military Brat” Bride Twice”!…

AB JOHN W. Gray, USAF, Basic Training, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Tx, July 25, 1971
I mentioned earlier that Sgt Tom & his wife Gabi (& their son Petey) took me in and made me feel as though I was a part of their Family. I was also welcomed in by Gabi’s Family (Father, Mom, Brother, & Sister) all who lived in Neunkerchen, Germany. Gabi’s Mom
was a hoot/very funny lady. None of them spoke English yet they treated me like Family. Thru my time with them I learned to speak Broken German. Never did I ever feel like an outsider. Petey was fun to be around. He & I kinda took to each other. I really enjoyed playin’ in the floor with him. When he started talkin’ I was amazed. He ws learnin’ both English & German at the same time! Petey could be speakin’ to me or his Dad in English & turn to his Mom or Grandparents & speak German to them and never get lost in hid thought on either conversation. It was truly amazin’ to me! Sgt Tom & Gabi were there for me when I was goin’ thru my “Dear John” stage. For that I’ll always be thankful. Gabi & I would help each other with German & English. She would speak English to me but not always around others. Maybe she was uncomfortable at first, I’m not sure. Me with the German she helped me with” well, I was a slow learner. Hell, I start speakin’ it when ever I could. Made many laugh at me as I was tryin’ & gettin’ it all wrong, yet at the same time they would help me out. With Gabi’s Mom, hell, we’d talk, laugh at each other, & laugh some more, all the while enjoyin’ some German Bier. GOOD TIMES! When I got Engaged to my “Military Brat” Girlfriend,  my Bride now of 41 yrs, it happened @ Sgt Tom & Gabi’s house. When we got married Sgt Tom & Gabi were our “Witnesses @ the German Court House in Ramstein, Germany @ 3:00pm/1500hrs. My Military Brat Wife’s German Mother & USAF Msgt Dad were there & Mother-In-Law to be was our “Translator” as we got Married by the “Local Burgermeister”/ kinda like the “Local Mayor” of the town, in German.Our Marriage Certificate is an International License in Seven (7) Languages! After that Ceremony  we went out for Drinks to “Celebrate our Marriage”. From there we went to a Basketball game I was playin’ in that evenin’ on my Military Group’s team. We lost!. After the Game we all went out for dinner & more Drinks & Celebratin’. Then we took My “Military Brat” Bride back to her Parents house, where SHE spent night on our Weddin’ night. We were “Legally Married”! I went home with Sgt Tom & Gabi, spent the night at their house, & I slept on their sofa!. I know it’s not somethin’ normal people would have done – but then I’ve never been accused of bein’ NORMAL. Plus we decided to wait until after our Church Ceremony, even though WE WERE LEGALLY MARRIED. Then the next day, Saturday, we had a Church Wedding/Ceremony, strictly by choice, Sgt Tom was my Best Man . Yeah, I Married My “Military Brat” Bride Twice!…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


3 thoughts on “My Military Career Part #8…”Yeah, I Married My “Military Brat” Bride Twice”!…

      1. My husband was married twice before we met. (Those gals that hang out just beyond the military bases stateside) He is my only. We’ve been together for 17 years, married almost 15. It’s hard at times but well worth the fight.

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