“I’m just tellin’ ya IT HAPPENED”!


Today bein’ a Rainy Day I thought this would be appropate….

Ask a Fisherman about his most memorable fishin’ trip & I’m sure they’ll tell you it was some exotic out of the way, remote place, where few have ever been, & “they were as big as you wanted’em to be”! One of mine was to a small Public City Park Lake, East Lake Park, in Birmingham, AL. Durin’ our elementary school years my brother & I were pretty good at Bass Fishin’ & Bream (“Perch Jerkin”) Fishin’ . I guess you could say East Lake was our Home Lake, since it was within walkin’ or bicyclin’ distance. Bein’ familiar with the lake we would fish the lake at different times and seasons accordin’ly. On this specific day it was wonderful lookin’ weather. A hot Summer Day, overcast, & muggy. We decided to wade out waste deep and fish a submerged point we knew of. It was a sandy/clay point, water was clear as long as we wadded gently & didn’t stir the mud up. This particular day the “Perch Jerkin’ ” was at it’s best. Then it started cloudin’ up like it was goin’ to start rainin’. And rain it did! Pretty dadgum heavy. The good part was there was never any Thunder or Lightenin’ goin’ on. But what got the attention of us both was we weren’t gettin’ RAINED ON! We were actially standin’ in waste deep water, side by side, castin’ out into the rain, in all directions, but again, we weren’t gettin’ RAINED ON! There was this small, about a 10 ft radius, where it was just dry! This went on for about 30 minutes. The Barometric Pressure changed enough that the “Perch Jerkin’ ” went off of the scale. We were fishin’ with Blood Worms that we had gathered the day before tromping’ down creek banks in the mud & cuttin’ the stalks & puttin’em in a ole bag. That day we took home more Bream than to young boys could ever have dreamed of, goin’ “Perch Jerkin’ “! We cleaned fish well into the evenin’ that day. This is a Phenomenon that we never figured out. But I CAN tell you honestly “It Happened”. Over the years I know both of us have told that story. Some DO but most Don’t  believe us. Think what you will. I’m just tellin’ ya “IT HAPPENED”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


2 thoughts on ““I’m just tellin’ ya IT HAPPENED”!

  1. We’ve had the same thing happen at Lake Taneycomo with trout! We could see the storm cut down the tree line. Hadn’t been barely a bite all day. That rain hit, and my sons were running from one pole to the next with nets helping the older folks then to their lines, bait and throw them back out. Didn’t matter that they were soaked. It was the best time. We caught our family’s limit (6 of us) during that storm. I’ll never forget it! Thanks for reminding me with your own fishing tale…which I loved reading!

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