…”we all know I didn’t WIN”!…

January 8, 2016, for me, was one of those laid back no rush type of days. Spent the mornin’ with my Bride & Daughter. Have to admit I was WIDE EYED though. I mistakenly, screwed up, and doubled up the amount of Coffee Grounds required for “1-Pot of Joe”. Lets just say it was STOUGHT! Enjoyed it anyway. And yes, there is Hair on my Chest that wasn’t there yesterday! My Bride & I both had plans for the evenin’, her with “The PC Petunias” & I was headed for “The VT” in “The Ham” later. So I thought I’d head over to GA & pick me up some “Lottery Tickets”! Like they say “if you ain’t gotta Ticket you can’t win”! And for the Saturday night drawin’ it is lookin’ like it will be for well over $700,000,000 (it ended up going much higher). So I enjoyed the ride over & back and will now wait for Saturday to see who gets “Lucky”. Maybe I can become that “Blind Hog”! As I eased my way back West toward “The Ham” I made a stop by the H-D Store in Oxford, AL to pick up a couple of items I wanted. Then “back on the road again” headin’ West for the BHS get together @ “The VT”. There were probably about 12 to 14 folks there last night, most of them “Regulars”. But I was fortunate enough to get to visit with a an “Ole Friend, & his Bride, from my Ole 4th Avenue Days” (the Middle Brother of 5 boys). Caught up on family & friends & exchanged some “Ole Tales from our 4th Avenue days”. Ya just never know who ya might see at those get togethers. I’m already lookin’ forward to next months get together. Well by NOW we all know I didn’t WIN!…”Hold.em Hook”!…..BG>


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