“{{{{{ COLD BEER }}}}} & calmin’ of nerves”.

Several years ago my “Fishin’ Buddies”, The Marine, The Parts Salesman, The Banker, & I headed to fish The St Johns River & Rodman Reservoir, southwest of Palatka, FL. We also had three other friends make the trip with us. The Grocer, The Aluminum Rep., & The Sailor. We were headed down for a week long trip of “Bass Fishin’, Friendship, & Fairy Lies”! We met @ the “Fishin’Camp” we had already made arrangements for & paid a deposit in advance as well. A few went down earlier in the day & some of us went late, arriving later in the evenin’. As normal, when we went on trips like this, when we arrived we were lookin’ around, gettin’ our bearin’s & gettin’ familiar with our surroundin’s. I was amazed at the system of Bait Tanks they had. The folks there sold Live Shad of various sizes to Fishermen/Guests stayin’ with’em & Local Guides. It appeared to be a nice enough place. {{{{{ UNTIL }}}}} a voice behind me, which I didn’t recognize, made some comment to the effect of “I GOTTCHA”! I immediately turn around to see the silhouette of a DAMN Crazy Ass “Ole Woman”. But most importantly I made out the .22 cal (CANNON) Rifle she was pointin’ in my face! “TRYIN’ TO STEAL MY BAIT AREN’T CHA”! I went weak in the knees, & replied NO MA’AM!, as I backed up a couple of steps. I told her “My Buddies” & I had just arrived. We’re stayin’ here in one of YOUR trailers over there (pointin’ off to the side). I looked around, sweepin’ my arm, as to point out My Buddies” & NONE OF’EM were to be seen! Them SOB’s had done disappeared into the dark of night like Pack Of RATS!, leavin’ me there to fend for myself. Luckily for me she accepted my fast talkin’ excuse & after what seemed like an eternity, actually only a moment or two, that DAMN Crazy Ass “Ole Woman” lowered her Cannon and was at ease. Then all the RATS started appearin’ out of darkness wantin’ to introduce themselves & backin’ up my story. Needless to say, we left her feelin’ better. I gathered myself together & we all headed for some {{{{{ COLD BEER }}}}} & calmin’ of nerves. Tomorrow was goin’ to be a long day, but we were all lookin’ forward to meetin’ our Guides before 1st light. Good trip, but NEVER went back!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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