“I wonder what kind of Tax Revenue is lost”…

I was so disappointin’ when The Tavern of St. Clair closed awhile back, “The Nicest Restaurant in the Pell City”, AL, area had CLOSED. It’s sad that we have so many Fast Food facilities continue to locate here. But for some reason we couldn’t seem to keep THE ONE (& only) Nice, Sit-down, Upscale Restaurant open. No wonder there aren’t restaurants of that caliber beatin’ a path here to open their doors and offer us somethin’ other than Burgers & Fries, Fried/Baked/Grilled Chicken, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, BBQ, Fried/Baked/Grilled Fish,Cold Cut Sandwiches, or our one & only  Pell City Steak House (Hum-m-m). Just recently I saw where another restaurant “Finchers”, a good place to get Fried Catfish has also closed. Yes, they all have their place in the big scheme of things I guess. Most lack GOOD Customer Service. Fast Food locations are NOW SLOW FOOD operations. Customer Loyalty is almost non existent. So those, of us, that want a NICE SIT DOWN Meal have to take our dollars out of town to do so. I wonder what kind of Tax Revenue is lost there? Have any studies been done on THAT? When we first moved here 18 1/2 years ago we heard from the local Banks wantin’ our business, Buildin’ Supply Stores, and the various Municipal Offices you have to deal with (trying to get all of the required building permits, inspections, utilities, etc.) was “We’re A RESORT LOCATION here! Really? I mean, REALLY! Hum-m-m… But I do love livin’ on the lake…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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