…”that Staffers call, on that pre-recorded message”…

Recently I’d been sittin’ out there, out on the deck, enjoyin’ an early lunch & the scenery before me. As my minds wonders I find myself wonderin’ about all of the Negative Post/Articles I/we read every day about politicians. My question related to that is “have any of you ever been contacted by said Politician mentioned in a post of yours”? Then I was wonderin’, if they did, would that mean they were admittin’ to the Negatives mentioned about them? Do they really know, how WE – the average citizen/voters, feel about them? Personally I don’t think so. Do they just pass us over wantin’ only to communicate with those that are their “Financial Contributors”? Sure they have “Staffers” that send you/us nonprofessional  recorded messages, from said Politician, as to how much He/She cares about a given topic & then asks for donations to be sent to a given address to “Support” said Politician. I personally don’t care anything about listenin’ to that Staffers call, on that pre-recorded message, that ALWAYS come at the WRONG time, & mostly during your/my supper time. Oh well, it was just a thought. I’m goin’ to get back to relaxin’ and enjoyin’ the scenery before me. Hope you’re enjoyin’ your day…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


One thought on “…”that Staffers call, on that pre-recorded message”…

  1. I ponder this issue often during election season, though my answer is far from ‘intellectual’…
    Most of them get to a certain social status and it no longer matters what we think, because they can’t see us anymore. It’s sad. I hope I never lose anyone to being high and mighty.

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