May 10, 2013…A step back in time…..

May10, 2013
This mornin’ I woke up, fixed me a cup of coffee, started watchin’ the News as I always do. As the mornin’ progressed on the News things took some “Wild & Crazy” turns. The issues of “Benghazi-gate” as it is bein’ called are really comin’ unglued at the seams. This is goin’ to get very interestin’ before it is through. Then low & behold there it was “the IRS Friday acknowledged that it inappropriately flagged conservative groups for additional review (audits) during the 2012 election to see if they were violatin’ their tax-exempt status”. And, up in Cleveland, OH there is sooo much developin’ with the 3 young Ladies and the ordeals they have experienced over the past 10 years. It makes you wonder about this world of Political Crazies and just Plain Old Crazies we live in.
I decided to take a break, looked out side noticed the water was droppin’, got a shower, another cup of coffee (#4 by now) and thought I would go out and see how bad the clean up in my back yard from all of the recent Floodin’ of Logan Martin Lake was goin’ to be, as the water was on the fall. I looked out side and saw my neighbors 3 children ages 19, 17 (the 2 boys), & 12 (the daughter) (along with Dad supervisin’) were just goin’ at it cleanin’ it all up! I walked down and spoke to the Dad for a while, so he could get a break, and thanked him & the children for all they had done. This family is/are the kind of Neighbors you dream of. I don’t want to mention their names out of privacy. Havin’ known this family for 12 1/2 yrs and watched the 3 children grow up makes one wonder why there is soo much trouble in the world. How children rarely just offer to help the neighbors without bein’ asked. These 3 children are unlike other children I know, see, & here of too frequently about. You know the kind! It takes me back 50 plus years and realize that was the way things were with neighbors in my neighbor hood when I was growin’ up. That is the way we were raised. All I can say is THANK YOU, it really means a lot. To my Neighbors I want to say you have/are raisin’ 3 WONDERFUL children…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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