…”the bottles were disappearin’ “….

This bein’ a Saturday Mornin’ what better time to post it?

Many of us, dependin’ on your particular age you’ll admit to, remember the “Old Drink Bottles” before the Throw-Away Plastic or Non-Reusable Glass Bottles, that Coke, Pepsi, RC, Crest, etc. came in. Remember, they had Prepaid Deposits on them. So folks would save’em & take’em back to the Grocery Store the next time they went to get their Deposit back. It was like money in the bank! Remember? In Birmingham, AL, & I’m sure other towns, the ALABAMA THEATRE would host the Saturday Mornin’ Movies. We called’em “The Saturday Mornin’ Shoot’em Ups” because they were usually Cartoons followed by WESTERNS! Remember? The price tag for a ticket, well, I forget. We couldn’t afford it anyway. BUT! They would take in exchange, for the price of a ticket, 10 or 15 Drink Bottle Caps, the ole metal crimped on type. Well Friday afternoons were spent goin’ around to the Local Community Stores & Gas Stations collectin’ the Particular Brand (Coke, Pepsi, or RC Cola) caps (with proper permission of course), who ever was sponsorin’ that specific week, makin’ sure we had enough for all who were goin’ to be able to go. I’m sure now it was some sort of marketin’ program to determine the amount of product sold. Anyway, now that we had the entrance fee covered we had to come up with Bus Money! Back then people had a tendency to store the empty bottles, they were goin’ to return for their Deposit Money, on their back porches. We would walk the streets & alleys lookin’ for bottles that were tossed away but not broken. If we couldn’t find enough bottles well we were short the needed finances for Saturday Mornin’. Welllll, some of us knew that folks stored their empties on the back porches! Annnnd some of us would go around takin’/stealin’ those bottles & taken’em back for the Deposit Money which solved the Bus Money issues & sometimes even provided CANDY Money if we were lucky. But then thinkin’ back on it I think most of those folks knew to who & why the bottles were disappearin’. Cause Nobody ever got in trouble for it. The best I can remember these Movies were held during the time of year when we, kids, needed somethin’ to do. Because we never went durin’ Baseball Season or Summer Swimmin’ Season & the Pools were open. It kept kids off of the streets & our parents knew where we were. We didn’t have MALLS to go hang out at in those days. And we always went in groups. In those days it was SAFE for kids to take PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION without an Adult chaperon.  Just another memory…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>  


2 thoughts on “…”the bottles were disappearin’ “….

  1. You’re right! A great Saturday mornin’ read. It really sounds like a wonderful way to grow up. Childhood should be filled with mischief, so that when we’re adults we aren’t obnoxious. Thanks for the story!


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