“Ole Bill” came thru…

Ya know how EVERY holiday meal that rolls around there is ALWAYS something/some ingredient that gets forgotten durnin’ the plannin’ stages? Well, CHRISTMAS DAY, 2014, was NO different for our family. No names bein’ mentioned here (but I will say it wasn’t my Bride). We were in “The Ham” for our CHRISTMAS Family get together. The Cooks were all fightin’ for elbow room in the kitchen, bouncin’ off of the Island & the Sink, & then there was a {{{ Panic }}} that set in due to, someone, not figurin’ for enough of a Major Ingredient! Yeah, you’ve all been there before. Wouldn’t ya know it, I was the the one that (got) volunteered to go and GET/FIND some. After gettin’ all of the “Best Ideas” as where I should go find it (you know, the local “Shop & Robs”), knowing ALL of the Grocery Stores were closed. After tryin’ 7 or 8 of’em I was called to come on home & forget it “We’ll just make do with what we have”. Ohhh {{{ HELL NO ! }}} I’m on a mission now! “Ole Bill” put on his “Thinkin’ Cap”, he ain’t givin’ in! He’s thinkin’, & thinkin’ “where can I get IT!” Hum-m-m?…Where do folks go on Holidays when they ain’t a gonna cook at home? Hum-m-m? I KNOW! I slid in to the “WAFFLE HOUSE” parkin’ lot on Lorna Road. Get inside and they’re packed, so I wait my turn (tic-tock, tic-tock, tic-tock…) This nice young man asks if he can help me, I say yes. I need to buy some “BUTTER”! Butter!, he replied? Yes! He slid over to the “Boss Lady” who was in the floor, on her hands & knees, tryin’ to dig somethin’ out from under a cabinet. He explained “that Guy over there wants to buy some Butter”! She looked at’em & said OK, how much? I was listenin’ in and said what ever I could get (or somethin’ like that). She said “Sale him a (1 lb.) Block-o-Butter”! A Block-o-Butter?, he retorted? Yes!, she said. “Well How much is it”, he asked? “Ahhh $2.00, charge him $2.00”!, the Boss Lady said. So he got it outa the Frig, bagged it, I gave him the $2.00 plus a $2.00 Tip, wished ’em all a Merry CHRISTMAS, & out the door I fled. Drove a little faster than I should have thru Hoover & Vestavia Hills. Got back to the house & walked in & said “I Got it” (or somethin’ like that)! Everyone said “You did”! Where? I said “The Waffel House”! Ya should have seen their faces. After all the laughin’ & shock settled down they wanted to know “WHERE did you REALLY find it”! They laughed again’ when I told’em. My daughter-in-law asked “Why did you go there”? “Because they were open”!, I said. Then I gave’em the Block-o-Butter! My mission was a Success! And the Food dish? Well it turned out a hit! Yeah, “Ole Bill” came thru…Hahahahaha! And the evenin’ went on…True story!..”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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