…”choke down our samich”!…

There are certain things that we all remember from our Elementary School days. Lunch for instance. Most of the time we “Brown Bagged” our lunch. Mother or Mama (we lived with my Grandparents until I was about 11 yrs old) would fix my brother & I a Bologna or PB & J samich, a piece of fruit and a couple of home made cookies (Mama had made). If we were real lucky we might even have some of the little single servin’ bags of chips. That depended on the time of the month, you know-Government Check time. On the way out the door in the mornin’s we would get our milk money, the $0.05 or $0.07 what ever it was. We walk to school in those days. We were told to walk up 4th Ave South to 76th St, turn left down to Barrett that was/is between Divison Ave & 1st Ave South, 6 1/2 blocks for the most part. We were instructed on lookin’ both ways, twice (left, right, left,right) which for the most part we pretty much did, before crossin’ any streets. If it was rainin’ then Mama would take us to school, because, Mother to leave @ 6:30 am to catch the Bus to Downtown Birmingham. Mother worked @ Pizitz Department Store. But on many of the days we would go/walk a different way than we were supposed to, because there were two (2) Stores, down 73rd Street, The Shack on the corner of 2nd Ave & Shellnuts Grocery on the corner of 1st Ave, we would pass by, where we just had to spend our Milk Money, even though we were told “DO NOT TO GO BY THOSE STORES” (Store sold Candy)! You’ll be late for School & you’ll need your Milk Money for Lunch. Right, two little boys, with MONEY in our pockets, & candy in the Stores! Riiiiight! We figured out, early on, if we came out of the Stores arunnin’ we could make up our lost time. For Christmas 1960, the year I was in the 3rd Grade we got New Bicycles for Christmas. So we no longer had to walk to school. We were MOBILE! That just meant we now had more time to spend in those stores. So at lunch we’d eat our “Brown Bag” lunches & have to walk back & forth to the Water Fountain, to choke down our samich, cause we’d spent Our Milk Money…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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