“Damn, a Paddlin’ “!…

Barrett School    1st grade  58-59 - Copy

My 1st Day of School in the Fall of 1958. Ahhh, “Good Ole Barrett School”! Mrs Hall was my 1st Teacher I ever had, other than Sunday School Teachers @ East Lake United Methodist Church. On that 1st day we were assigned seats, took our places, and were explained “The RULES” that we would be expected to “OBEY” and abide by! I have to admit, my attention span wasn’t (and isn’t to this day) the best. So after what seemed like 1/2 of that day “Play Period” was announced. We all formed in a nice neat line, as we had been instructed to do, to file out of the room & follow Mrs. Hall down the hall (like a bunch of little ducklings), & out the door to the Play Ground. There were sooo many kids out there (of all ages & grade levels). We were told to stay over by the 76th Street side of course were all the younger kids were expected to stay/play. Oh! The Swings, Seesaws, Monkey Bars, & The Jungle Gym (my favorite) were fun to play on. But what REALLY got my attention were all of the ROCKS! No, I wasn’t a collector of rocks. I was a “THROWER of ROCKS” (my 1st thought was ROCK FIGHT!). I was lucky, I had a good arm and and a thick head (in case I took a shot to the head). Well as my luck would have it, I picked up a good’un & picked out a target & hit’em right in the middle of the back. I loaded up ready to fire off another round but the wounded target didn’t retaliate (I wasn’t expectin’ that) but dropped to the ground and started to scream & cry. Mrs. Hall appeared out of no where! She snatched me by the back of my collar and off to “The Office” we headed. My little legs could hardly keep up with her stride. Some how during the RULES portion, from earlier in the morning, I missed the part about “NO ROCK THROWING ON THE PLAYGROUND”! “Ole Mr. A.Y. Bowie, Principal”, took control of the situation from there, & was more than happy to explain it to me again! Damn, a Paddlin’ on my 1st Day of School. It’s funny how we remember things like this in just a FLASH!…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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