“Perch Jerkin’ “…

Many years ago “The Ole Marine” & I were both goin’ to the Jr. College that just happened to be right across the street from where we were livin’. We both had part time jobs that allowed us to get away every now & then to do a little fishin’. I had the use of an ole outboard motor when ever I needed it. We would work out off days where we were both off at the same time so we could go do some afternoon fishin. We’d drive up to the lake, Logan Martin where I happen to live now, to a little ole Beer Joint that just happened to rent ole Jon Boats. This particular day was a {{{ HOT }}} day in May, & the {{{ COLD BEER }}} was flowin’. We were determined to catch some fish so we bought us some Crickets. Just in case the Bass weren’t hittin’ we had decided we would be prepared to do some “Perch Jerkin’ ” (Bream Fishin’). As our luck would have it the Bass weren’t hittin’ so we decided at the last hour to re-rig and get in some “Perch Jerkin’ ” before we had to leave to get “The Ole Marine” back for his Church softball game. Lucky for us the Bream were hungry. We were catchin’ em left & right. And they were all “Big Ole Bluegills”. It was our lucky day. I told him “we needed to go” to get him back for his ball game. Another 15 minutes” he said, so we fished on. I looked at my watch & 30 minutes had slipped by, “HEY! We gotta  go”! I said. He said “another 15 minutes”. The Bluegills were tearin’ it up, we were gigglin’ like 2 little boys & havin’ a blast. Then “Another 15 minutes” he said. We both realized we were runnin’ out of Crickets. “Well here’s the last one” he said. “Hey, ya want to go get some more” I asked? “Naw I  got a ball game to play” he said. “That ball game started an hour ago, it’ll take us an hour to drive back, there ain’t NO way in hell” I said. Well we decided to go anyway. Got to the ball park & they had been finished about 30 minutes. Hey?, where were you! We lost! A couple of team mates commented. “We got tied up” he said. Actually we were tied up, to the boat anchor! Didn’t want to lie to a bunch of Church Ball Players. So we head on home to clean some fish & drink the rest of our beer. Moral of the story next time buy twice as many Crickets & {{{ COLD BEER }}} when you’re goin’ “Perch Jerkin’ “…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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