…”Lucky enough”!…

The other day as I was cleaning the small/short pier from the recent flood I got to reminiscin’. Time seems to pass by so fast. It is hard to believe we (my Bride & I) have spent 17 summers here on the water & the 18th can’t get here fast enough. When we built here our son was a Freshman in High School & our daughter was in her Freshman year of College. Now both are grown & are Professionals in the fields they wanted to pursue. Our son & his wife have blessed us with 3 Grandchildren. When we first built here we looked forward to enjoyin’ life on the water. Little did we know just how much fun we really would have. Swimmin’, fishin’, pontoon boat cruisin’, tubin’, water skyin’, & now surfin behind the boat. We all {{{ Dream }}} of where we want to live & be in life. We, well most of us, realize we have to work hard to make it all happen. Stay focused on your/our goal. This home was our goal. We love livin’ on the Lake. The Pier was cleaned in no time. Then I just set in the swing, on the big pier, for a while just relaxin’ & takin’ in the scenery.
I’ve heard it said, “If you’re Lucky enough to live on the Lake, well, you’re Lucky enough”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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