…”people don’t have/take time to VOTE”!…

My Bride tells me all the time You shouldn’t get Political on line, in conversations at public gatherin’s, on FB and now on my BLOG. Well, it just ain’t in me…
The major Caucuses have, for the most part, been held. The Polls, in Alabama, are closed for the day & Super Tuesday is now over. There are still some to come as it all drags out. And just think, we’re just trying to decide WHO WILL be running for “The Presidency of These United States Of America”. there are also some additional local election held in conjuration with the Preliminaries as well as Amendments to State Constitutions, as here in Alabama there were 2 of them today. I really have a problem with people not exercising their Legal (not Obama Legal) Right to Cast Their Ballot on ANY & ALL ELECTIONS. Excuses: I didn’t have time, I was just too busy, my vote really don’t matter, what difference does it make, it was raining, I had to go shopping, & on, & on, & on……
Lazy ass people don’t have/take time to VOTE! Yet they all have too much breath to BITCH with about the outcomes. WHY! . Just one opinion…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


One thought on “…”people don’t have/take time to VOTE”!…

  1. My husband went to vote quite a few years ago, and was denied for reasons I don’t remember. So….he went to the court house, waited and waited, and was finally den by judge and given a pretty certificate saying he could vote. And he did. In true form, better late than never.

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