…”Breakfast is served”!…

He walks along the waters edge with a controlled stride. Every step is measured & timed to reach a given point @ a specific time. The table is set. The menu varies moment by moment. The appetizers are always readily available, simply for the takin’. The entree’ changes every few minutes. The variables shift thus affectin’ the menu. Surrounding noises, at times, break his concentration for just a spit second, yet he retains his focus. Within that fraction of a moment the menu has changed. The measured steps cease & he comes to a halt, stands tall & erect. He is measurin’. With the wind in his face the advantage now shifts in his favor. He is now as ridged as the tall Oaks in the background. He twitches in anticipation, similar to a cat, & yet he still maintains his rigidness as he’s nearer his target, as the entree’ drifts. Eyes locked, slowly he shifts to a strikin’ position, equipped with the proper tool nature has endowed him with, he strikes like lightenin’, like a coiled snake, & with the accuracy of a lazier. {{{{{ SUCCESS ! }}}}} Breakfast is served! The Great Blue Heron begins his stride again, movin’ ever so close to his next course…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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