“Aahhh, Wahouma Ball Park!”

Aahhh, Wahouma Ball Park! To a 6 year old this seemed to be one of the best places in the WORLD. I learned to play Base Ball, by the rules, learned also that no matter how DIRTY I got it didn’t matter! Mother never said anything about it, cause I was at “The Ball Park”. My first year I played as a Right-Hander. I was given my Fathers Ole Softball glove. It hadn’t been used in many years. I could hit (right-handed), ran like the wind, & didn’t mind gettin’ hit by a pitch. Heck, gettin’ hit by a pitch wasn’t anything like gettin’ hit by a Rock in a Rock Fight. If I could get on base I usually could score. I was good at stealin’ bases. But with that glove my Coaches thought I was Right-Handed, right? WRONG!  I couldn’t throw a ball straight 5 feet right handed. So I always go stuck out in the Outfield. I’d run a ball down then run it into someone else to throw it where it needed to go. One day before practice a few of us were playin’ on another field. Someone threw a ball to me, I don’t remember who, I caught it bare handed with my right hand & threw it back to’em left handed. My Coach happened to see it & told me to “do it again”! So I did. He asked me “why do you played Right-Handed”? I said “cause you told me to”. The first day in try outs I had been wearin’ my  “Ole (right-handed) Softball Glove” upside down on the wrong hand. He said “that’s not how you wear that glove put it on the other hand”. So I did. He let me wear that Ole Right-Handed glove upside down, on the wrong hand, the rest of the season, & it changed everything. They moved me from the outfield to 1st Base. Lucky for me the next year my Mother saved enough money to buy me a New Left-Handed Glove, I played on the same team & made All-Stars. But all in all, still the best part was “playin’ in the dirt”, Aahhh, Wahouma Ball Park! … “Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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