…”another perk of livin’ on the water”…



New Boat 005Today bein’ LEAP DAY (February 29 that only comes around once every 4 years) I felt the need to Leaped out of bed, got me a couple of “Mugs -O-Joe” in me & headed to the little gym I work out at. Got my hour in & done, WHEW!!!. Ran 2 errands then headed for a {{{ HOT ! }}} shower. Checked in on the laptop, fixed an early lunch, Leaped out of the house and finished cleanin’ up from the Flood here last week. That was the second one this year but it wasn’t as bad as the 1st one was. But that’s just one of the trade offs of livin’ on the water here in “The Big Pell”. I can deal with it though for the pleasure it offers both my family & me as well as the peace of mind I get from it. Cleaned off the short Pier, picked up the piles of trash I raked up yesterday, hauled them up to the road, cleaned all the downed limbs & branches on the driveway so things would look better comin’ down to the house.  Put the yard tools away, plugged it the battery chargers for the Bass Boat so I’ll be ready the next nice day I have the opportunity to get out on the water. Yet another perk of livin’ on the water and havin my own boat launch…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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