“Little Japanese Laterns”…

I mentioned in a previous postin’ about goin’ fishin’ with my Papa. We had gone to an Ole Fishin’ Camp on Yellow Leaf Creek on Mitchel Lake about a 1/2 mile below Lay Dam on the Coosa River. Thru the years I fished out of there with Papa. When my brother got his 1st car, yep you guessed it, we would take off down there when ever we could to go fishin’. As time went on several of my Ole Friends & I would go there. Heck, some times we would even camp out there on the ground & spend a couple of days fishin. After I got out of the Service, USAF, I introduced more Ole Friends to this place. By this time the Fish Camp had been cleaned up, more area cleared out of weeds & under growth & area Lightin’ added. That made it much easier to get things from the vehicles to the boat, dippin’ the water (either rain or from the leaks) out. I guess you could say the first time I took this group of guys (a Banker, a Parts Sales Rep, & a Marine) night fishin’ there they were {{{ Shocked }}} to say the least. Hell, they thought we had gone to “Deliverance”. The lightin’ that was used around the are was these, I’m sure you’ve all seen’em before, “Little Japanese Laterns” type of lights. Well, the jokes & laughin’ began. Here it is near midnight, wa-a-ay out in the boonies. The Marine made some remark it reminded him of places he’d been. The Japanese Lanterns were gently swayin’ in the night breeze, & oh to add to the entertainment two Ole Dogs (we called’em Ole Blue & Miss Bessie) were havin’ a moment of their own, both begin to howlin’, facin’ & pullin’ in opposite directions (have I drawn that picture clear enough?). Well the the front door of the house trailer on this hill fly’s open, down the hill comes the Ole Fish Camp owner that’s known me most of my life, from Papa “Ole Big John” as he called him, hollers out “Hey Boy’s? Y’all goin’ fishin”? We all looked at each other thinkin “what the hell else would we be doin’ there”?  “Yes sir”we all politely hollered back. Then the Ole Guy heard & spied the Dogs in the water, Miss Bessie was his. “Dammit”! he exclaimed. Then he hollers back up the hill “Junior! @ his son, bring me my Shot Gun! That damn Ole Blue’s back at it again”! Well we just got out of the way, cracked a few Cold Beers & waited for this to play out. Both dogs continued to howl, the Ole Guy still hollerin @ Junior for his Shot Gun. Well, here comes Junior with the Shot Gun in hand, down the dirt bank justa stumblin, & loadin’ the gun as he comea runnin’.  In the mean time the two dogs pulled free, the howlin’ immediately ceased, Miss Bessie wasa waggin’ her tongue & her tail & pursuin’ that Ole Blue. The Ole Guy snatches the gun from Junior, we’re laughin’ like hell by now & Spittin’ Beer everywhere. The Ole Guy takes aim fires off both rounds, {{{{{ Bam! Bam! }}}}} rang out in the middle of the night, from that Ole Double Barrel Shot Gun. It was a good thing that Ole Guy was a bad shot, the dogs were out of range & headed for the woods. I have to admit I was wet from the Spewed Beer & my sides were killin’ me from laughin! The Ole Guy apologized to us “fer such happin’s goin’ on”. Junior! Get these boys two dry boats, put their motor on one, load their gear, & you see’em off. I’m goin’ back to bed. “Yes sir Daddy” Junior said. Junior wasn’t a big talker. Well, we finally made into the boats, laughin’ all the way down the Creek, flash lights swingin’ back & forth as not to hit anythin’ or run aground, one boat towin’ the other, we got to the mouth of the River, we all cracked us another Cold Beer, turned left, & on up to the Dam we went, still laughin’ from the calamity of the events, for a night of fishin’ …”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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