A memory from February 24, 2013, …down in “The Cave”…

Now this is what a “Bose Surround Sound” is all about! NASCAR on Fox, with the roar of engines, squealin’ tires, crashin’ into walls, & mashin’ of metal! The “25th Anniversary Rock & Roll” special on VH1, with all Genres of music (play it loud), B.B. King (The King of Blues) can still play “Ole Lucille” with that magical touch. Bass Fishin’ on the WFN (World Fishing Network), the cast, the plunk of a Top Water Plug touchin’ down on the water, {{{plunk – plunk – plunk}}}, {{{{{{Blaush}}}}}}!, the line tightens and the fight is on with “Ole Bucket Mouth”. The “Crack of a Cold Beer”, the ratchet of the Lazy Boy (with a Lazy Boy in it) down in “The Cave”. Now folks, this is the way to enjoy a relaxin’ Sunday afternoon. Ya know, I could hurt my fingers tryin’ to switch back & forth between these 3 channels…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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