that”Reoccurrin’ Phenomenal Event”!…

My fishin’ buddies (the Banker, the Parts Sales Rep, & The Marine) & I spent many weekend nights Night Fishin’ below Lay Dam, as mentioned in previous articles. But there was always somethin’, a phenomenon, that would happen that
we could never figure out! When we would arrive at the fishin’ camp on Yellow Leaf Creek, where we always went, there under the light provided by the Little Japanese Lanterns, swayin’ in the light breeze, we would always look for dry Jon boats to rent & to load our gear in. An most of the time we found some. We would proceed on up to the Dam one boat with a motor & the other in-tow. We would split up with each boat decidin’ where they wanted to start  fishin’ & ease on their way. I have seen some of the most beautiful nights of my life out there lookin’ up at the stars & many times seein’ a fallin’ star it provided. We would fish for a few hours then drift over & meet up to discuss what we had or had not caught, & discuss issues of the time goin’ on, drink a few Cold Beers together then separate again & fish on thru the night and just get lost in the enjoyment of bein’ there at that time of our lives. Come sun up we would anticipate the mornin feed. If it came we’d get lucky and catch a few. If it didn’t happen we’d join up and get back before “The Wheels” (turbines) kicked on. During the unloadin’ of our boats this is where we would noticed the phenomenon. The “Ole Jon Boats” would be as dry as they were when we got in’em, meanin’ they hadn’t taken on any water over night. Then we would notice The Banker gettin’ out of the boat & the boy was wet from just below the knees all the way down. No not damp but SOAKIN’ WET! Not just once, not every now & then, but every time we went. But his fishin’ partner, the Parts Sales Rep, was dry as a bone. Again, no leakin’ boats, no rain durin’ the nights, not turnin’ over the cooler in his boat, NOTHIN”! But the Banker was ALWAYS WET below the knees & down. We would really make fun of him about it. That was at least 1 or maybe a 2 beer laugh. Well finally, he & the Parts Sales Rep went & bought’em some “Ole Garbage Man Boots” (Rubber Boots almost up to the knees, yeah you know the kind). Figurin’ this would solve the problem. It didn’t matter, he was still soakin’ wet. To this day, 35 to 40 years later, we have never figured out that “Reoccurrin’ Phenomenal Event”!Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

3 thoughts on “that”Reoccurrin’ Phenomenal Event”!…

  1. I love this story, truly. We too love fishing, as my husband puts it ‘In a perfect world I could live in a cabin far from the world’ and write stories like this, fish until the rest of the world awakes. I want be there. Thank You.

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