” * 7% * “…

7% Patch

A year & 1/2 ago I bought me a Used Motorcycle (from a friend), a Harley-Davidson. I refer to it as “The Ole H-D”. I had been retired 4 years at the time & was 62 years old. Many of my friends & family frequently asked “why in the world are you doin’ that”? Well actually some even used other adjectives (I slipped that in for my teachers) but I knew what they meant. The answer to that was because I wanted to, it was a good deal, I could afford it, & that my Bride told me I could”! Sooo ever since I have owned it I had been lookin’ for a “Deal” on a nice Leather Vest to wear. You know, it’s part of the look. This past Christmas my children (daughter, son, & daughter-in-law) gave me the money, as a Present, to buy me one. I finally found the one I wanted & ordered it. So then I decided I wanted to get me some patches & have them sewn on it. Hum-m-m-m, the theme I decided on is a mixture of Motorcycle Patches & Military Patches. Hey It’s mine, I want it to represent me! Well, the other day I saw a patch, “The Patch”, on someones FB post, “It Said It All To Me”! It represents all of those who have worn “The Uniform” before & those who do currently. It doesn’t matter the Branch (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard) in which they did or do serve  in. Only that They Did/Do Wear “The Uniform”! If you’ve never worn IT you’ll never really understand. Many “Heard The Call” and answered it, VOLUNTEERED, over the Generations, the Centuries, thru the Conflicts this Country has been involved in. Even the one that split our nation against itself. There were those that were Drafted into Military Service when our Country needed’em. Many of them as well answered that call. There were those that were Physically or Medically unable to Serve. That is/was a given. There have also been those, throughout the ages, who did all they could to keep from servin’, expectin’ others to bare their burdens. And yet all of those/these that have refused to Wear “The Uniform” want {{{ NO DEMAND }}} to have all of “Their Rights” provided and defended by the ones that Have Worn/DO Wear “The Uniform”. Strange don’t you think? Everyone wants  them, “Their Rights” , but only the few provide them. Think about that the next time YOU just walk past “The Uniform” and YOU fail to pay IT, or the Person wearin’ it , Any Respect! The next time YOU are too busy talkin’ to pay attention to The National Anthem bein’ played or performed as Our Nations Colors/Our Flag/ “Ole Glory” are/is being presented. Or as Taps is played in the evenin’ or @ a Military Funeral. To Military people, former & present, TAPS IS FINAL! It’s all about RESPECT or the lack of it. For if not “The UNIFORM”, & the Men & Women who have worn/do wear it, how would YOU have/keep your so Desired, {{{ NO DEMANDED }}}, RIGHTS? What will happen when there are No More VOLUNTEERS or is No Draft? Who will protect us, YOU? Both of my Grandfathers, my Father, my Step-Father, my Father-in-Law, & I all wore “The Uniform” of various Branches of our Military Services. All were “Honorably Discharged”. And I’m DAMN PROUD OF IT! Think about The ” * 7% * ” {{{{{ SALUTE ! }}}}}… Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


One thought on “” * 7% * “…

  1. Great post! I agree, and see the disrespect my husband gets…frequently. He fought for their ability to s!$t on him freely.It pisses me off. I’d curse but it’s not cool to do in comments lol. Thankyou so much for your service, and thanks for putting this out there.


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