“Cascade Plunge”…(continued)

I found out @ an early age I could pick odd jobs around Cascade to earn me some pocket money. The job first job I remember havin’ there was “The Locker Boy”. I had the key to all the lockers in the Mens Locker Room, just check the little brass tags & either lock’em up or unlock’em, dependin’ on if they were comin’ or goin’. Of course I had to stay in there until my relief showed up so no one tampered with someone elses locker (not that that would ever happen). Sometimes it got stuffy in there and heavy with the smell of chlorine in the air from the foot washers you were supposed to walk thru for health reasons. And the hotter the day the stronger the smell. Then there was flippin the deck chairs on the upper & lower sun decks, fillin’ in @ the Snack bar if needed, sweepin the Mini Golf Course & pick up trash around it, cuttin’ grass on the Ball Field & other grounds, cleanin’ up the grounds before & after Company Parties. I was also lucky enough to teach swimmin’ & divin’ lessons once I was judged qualified of course. And the last & most important job there was “Lifeguard”. Ohh the benefits of that job. The scenery was ALWAYS GOOD! Oh, and the Coco Butter back rubs when you wanted’em. But the one job that I learned the most important lesson (in life) from was runnin’ the Floor Buffer in “The Cloud Room”. As an early teen, in pretty good shape I must say, one day we had finished cleanin’ up after a late night Private Party in “The Cloud Room”. Cleaned up trash, swept the floors, & stacked the tables & chairs. Then the older gentleman that was responsible for the clean up asked me if I could “Run the Floor Buffer”? “Oh yes sir” I responded, showin’ no doubt or fear, I could get the job done. He looked at me again and asked “are you sure boy”? Again “yes sir”! Ok he said, he gathered his things told me he’d be back in a couple of hours to check on me & left. Well, there I was. Just me, in that big ole Banquet Hall, with hard wood floors from one end to the other, & that Ole Floor Buffer with a long (did I say long?) cord on it. For an idea as to how big that place was the usual {{{ Hello }}} goes out & the {{{ Hello-o-o}}}comes back you know how that works. Well I got the cord unrolled, plugged’er in, gripped the handle on one side then the other. That was the  side with the {{ GO }} control on it. And boy did it {{{ GO ! }}}. Really I was lucky, I was too scared to let go. I had a death grip on that rascal. By the time I realized my arms weren’t broken it was too late. All I could do was hang on for dear life as I got drug all around that Dance Floor, around poles (with no paddin’ on’em), bounced off of several walls, the Band Stage, & was headed for the front door until it ran out of twisted up cord and jerked it’s plug out of the socket! Well, we finally coasted to a stop, I must admit for most of the ride my eyes were closed, cause I didn’t want to see what we might have slammed into. Lucky for me, we didn’t break anything, bones, or property durin’ that ride! My arms hurt, from finger tips to shoulder sockets. Folks, if you ever have to run one of those things, don’t go the Ole O.J.T. route, get instructions, trust me! After gettin’ the nerve to start all over I finally figured out how to run that rascal. After a long day the Supervisor showed up took one look at me, brused from one end to the other, kinda laughed and said “here boy, let me finish up”. I said sir & left with my life & limbs killin’ me. All in all Cascade Plunge was good to me. Thanks for the memories to the Dickson Family…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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