“Cascade Plunge”…

Growin’ up, in East Lake (a community in Birmingham, AL), Cascade Plunge was the place to go. Cascade was owned by “The Dickson Family”. And let me tell you there are many many memories, from many many families, created thru the years, for a number of Generations, thanks to “The Dickson Family”. It was the largest Swimming Pool in Birmingham & probably Alabama! The water there Ice Cold & I do mean {{{ Ice Cold }}}. The Water was supplied from an Artesian Well/Aquifer from out back. Cascade was the place where I & so many others spent our days & many of my/our evenin’s. My Summer days were spent swimming, sun tannin’, chasin’ the young ladies, & occasionally workin’ odd jobs there to earn some pocket money. My last two years (high School Summers) I was even a Lifeguard there. My earliest years there I took swimming lessons, My Mother was one of the Instructors there. When I was 5 1/2 years old I was on The Swimmin’ & Divin’ Team. I my younger years there were some very large Swinnin’ Meets held there. Later on that seemed to fade out due to lack of competition & interest. When I was in my early Teens I taught Swimmin’ & Divin’ lessons, after I was approved, to the younger kids. And let me tell you, that water at 9:00 a.m. in the mornin’, before the Sun got up on it, was COLD! I mean take your breath away {{{{{ ICE COLD! }}}}}. If I wasn’t there then I probably was @ Wahouma Ball Park, just a short walk away, either practicin’ or playin’ Baseball Games. From time to time there would be announced Special Activities, for Members of Cascade, like “Splash For Cash” & on some Saturday evenin’s there were Dances held, in “The Cloud Room”, that was a Banquet/Dance Hall there attached to the back of the property. It might be a Band or just a DJ but always a great time to be had. “The Cloud Room” could be Rented/Leased out for private parties with & without catered dinners, Radio Stations would host Dances open to the public there, Civic Orginzations like “The Lions Club”, & others, would host Fund Raisers (like BINGO & Auctions) there for charities.  It had a Bar in the back area, a kitchen, there was even a Band Stage there with Lights. there were several Spot Lights scattered around the place. There was ALWAYS somethin’ goin’ on @ “Cascade Plunge” & “The Cloud Room”…(to be continued)…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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