“Ole Friends”…

The longer we live the more we really learn about life. As children we are going as fast as we can from mornin’ til night. We are consumed in explorin’ everythin’ that crosses our paths. At some point we meet someone that seems to have the same type of interests as do we. Then we seem to spend more time with them, sharin’ our interests. Our imaginations seem to intertwine with one another. The school years begin, our circle of friends expands. We go to new friends homes, meet their families, dig into their interests and hobbies. We, normally (not all of us), spend 12 years doing this almost in repetitive motion. Each step of the way expandin’ our circle of relationships with future “Ole Friends”. Some go on into further education, others find jobs, some follow the military, & some just wander thru life until they find themselves. At later stages of life we get invited/involved in reunious. Here, it seems like that after a short period, life reverts back to the “Good Ole Days”. Memories overflow in the short span of just a few hours. Some details are remembered differently, laughs are shared, hugs are given, & all go their separate ways. Many others seem lost as their favorite friend/friends didn’t make it for some reason. Possibly too busy, careers are too important to miss an opportunity, family matters superseded optional opportunities, finances won’t allow for it, some just have NO interest in returnin’ to “The Ole Days” via memories, & then there are those that have been lost  to us and only remain in our memories, R.I.P. “OleFriends”. I guess I’m one of those who really enjoys gatherin’ with & sharin’ with “Ole Friends”. I hate to miss those opportunities. But one thing is a given. If you’re not there guess WHO gets talked about? If you’re there you’ll be one of the ones doin’ the talkin bout’em. Oh, and it seems the older we get the longer the hugs & hand shakes last. Think about THAT the next time you’re invited. Which “Ole Friends” might you be missin’ ?…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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