“College Football” is really somethin’ I look forward to every year. I have been an ALABAMA, Crimson Tide, BAMA fan as long as I can remember. Never wavered even in the down years and that period where they/we went thru several Head Coaches in just a few years time. I never attended the University Of Alabama. I was never know for my academics. But as a child I dreamed of playin’ football there. The only times I ever went to Bama was for Track & Field competition while in High School & was lucky enough to fare pretty well. But the anticipation of the up comin’ Football Season gets me/us excited. Late August to Mid January. Regular Season, SEC Play-Offs, Bowl Games, & on thru the NCAA National Championship Game. And if there just so happens to be an SEC Team playin’ thats makes it better. Hell, if BAMA is playin’ well HELL that’s even better. And if BAMA WINS there WILL be even more Beer needed! My Bride, some local Extended Family, & I get together & plan out Game Day Menus, for the Regular Season, usually covered dish buffet items, as far out as we can. Because come Game Day we need to be ready. Saturdays usually end up bein’ an all day event for us. No, we don’t travel to the games, don’t do the Tail Gatin’ outside the Stadium, don’t fight the traffic to and from the Game, don’t fight for camera time in front of folks we don’t even know, & don’t worry about bein’ seen in all the latest in Game Day Fashion attire. We usually find ourselves watchin’ “GAME DAY” on the TV, anticipating the Prognosticators Daily Picks, if the gatherin’ is to be @ our house then gettin’ things organized & The Daily Menu Spread area cleaned off & organized cause the 1st games start @ 11:00 a.m. (central time) & go until 9:00 p.m. and even later some times. Or get ready to go if we’re gatherin’ at others homes to be there for “KICK OFF” of the 1st game. We, in our crowd, are  {{{{{ ALABAMA, AUBURN, & SEC FANS ! }}}}}. SEC over anybody! And if it is one of our teams, usually BAMA or Auburn (for those that just don’t know better) we’re yellin’ at the TV as loud as if we were @ the Game. The good part of that is, we ALWAYS have great/comfortable seats, comfortable temperatures, always dry (unless someones spills their Beverage!), complete views of all plays and instant replays from all camera angles, easy traffic travel (5 miles at most 1 way), no watin’ lines for Potty Breaks (& they’re always CLEAN), zip – zap in & out (& be careful on that ZIP!), Concessions are just steps away (all day long) & never a waitin’ line. We wear our favorite “Team Colors & T-Shirts, comfortable pants (to allow for comfort in anticipation of over eatin’), kick off our shoes & get comfortable. There is always a clear path for those that feel the need to pace while screamin’ in frustration and not worry about some Security Guard warin’ us or escortin’ us out because of foul language or level of drunkin’ ness. Do we enjoy ourselves “HELL YEAH!”. And at the end of the evenin’ we’re already anticipatin’ next weekends games. After the National Championship Game there’s usually a let down knowing the “College Football” season is over! So, we shift our focus toward the NFL and get caught up with who’s lookin’ like good SUPER BOWL contenders and get started with them, to feed our FOOTBALL FIX! And then here we are. FOOTBALL SEASON is over! It’s a long time until August…”HOLD’EM HOOK”!…..BG>


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