A memory from February 13, 2015: “What are our Local, State, & Federal Representatives thinkin’ “?…

On my way home from workin’ out this mornin’ I was listenin’ to a News Broadcast on the radio discussin’ our Country’s Laws, set forth by our Forefathers, in our Constitution & Bill of Rights. And that thru the years there have been Amendments, to above said documents, presented by the different houses of Congress, debated and IF approved (for above said documents) sent on to the President for his (who ever happened to be in that office at the time) Signature or Vetoed if he didn’t approve. Once approved & signed these LAWS were/are for ALL CITIZENS of this Country/These United States Of America to abide by. Now that bein’ said, why is it that in our Country/The United States of America, of today, we have certain Immigrants (legal or illegal) that seem to think that they should have their Own Laws, Islam/Sharia Laws, in their communities to live by and disregard the Standing Laws of These United States Of America? So, followin’ that logic, should we allow the Native Americans (all different tribes with different laws each), Mexicans, Italians, Japanese, Chinese, Rumanian, French, German, etc, etc.,etc., to ALL have Laws from their Home Countries in their communities as well? I mean come on whats fair is fair right? No, No, HELL NO! We are ONE COUNTRY! With ONE SET OF LAWS (and while I’m on it ONE FLAG)! Live with them, abide by them or LEAVE! What are our Local, State, & Federal Representatives thinkin’? How DAMN STUPID (or Cowardly) are they?…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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