A memory from February, 2015:The “Ole H-D”

(A relaxin’Sunday mornin’ ride)Goin' for a ride #2   7-12-14 - Copy

Battery hot-check, tire pressure right-check, oil level-check, all lights workin’-check, cranked up to warm-up-check. Get my Boots, Shades, Chaps, & Jacket on and I’ll be ready. Now let the temp outside get just a little higher then the “Ole H-D” & I are goin’ for a “Cool Ride” today. Stand up @ 11:00a.m. The “Ole H-D” & I enjoyed 80 miles together today. All back roads traveled. Twistin’, turnin’, up hills/down hill, & the temperature was wonderful. Mountains/Hills, wanderin’ creeks, beautiful pasture lands, cattle of all kinds, & a Flock of Turkies in a Hardwood flat. GOD’s handy work every where my eyes wandered. The many Beautiful Little Country Churches, of all Dominations, with their parkin’ lots full. I was where I needed to be, receivin’ “The Message” from my front row seat, Amen! Dress was “Casual” (helmet, sun glasses, leather jacket, boots, & jeans). While others were (dressed in their finest) in their Services, well, I’ll just say it couldn’t have been as beautiful, laid back, & meaningful as mine was. Go & enjoy the rest of this wondrous day doin’ what ever it is you enjoy doin’. GOD Bless you all…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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