“Stared Down Fear”…

At some time in life we all experience That Fear Of Fears with in us! It comes upon us at a time that will eventually define us in that moment of time. Some people face fear many many times in their lives. Many turn away from it, many challenge it and fail, & many conquer it. Think about? Where  were you that FIRST time. For me it was the Summer of 1957. It was some time before noon. I know because I had not had lunch. I was Blue Lipped & Shiverin’ to the bone. There was a slight breeze blowin’ & I was tired. My knees were weak and barely keepin’ me up right on my on. There she was My Rock , my Mother! Shoutin’ at me’ in a voice of confidence. “You’re ready. You can do this. I’m right here”. I stood there on that rectangled platform, vibratin’ beneath my feet, others scamperin’ past me, & some screamin’ at the tops of their lungs as they descended. There I was in a zone of my own tryin’ to build the courage to react to My Rocks coaxin’. I crept closer to the edge, my toes quiverin’ & crampin’ at the same time. I had two choices at that moment. Fall and get hurt or conquer my fear. At the last moment, before I collapsed right there I felt my arms rise over my head, my toes relax, & my feet push off. I hit that icy cold water arms out reached in a perfect spade form head first. As I fought fear, a panic, & pride all at the same time I stroked my way to the surface. My Rock simply said “now go do it again” & I did time after time after time! We finally got out of the icy cold water dried off & headed for our picnic lunch of Kool-Aid, chips, Loney Meat, & P B & J Samiches. My Rock hugged me & said “I knew you could do it & I’m proud of you”. Then I had to sit out the standard 30 minutes before goin’ back in. I had “Stared Down Fear” from the top of THE TOWER @ CASCADE PLUNGE & dove off that thing over & over the rest of the day, I was 5 1/2 yrs old!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


Mother & I at Cascade Plunge 1957


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