The Deck…

{{{ Burrrr ! }}}…These COLD Winter Mornin’s make me look forward to the milder weather mornin’s to come. I consider/know myself to be a very blessed man. But when I can get out on The Deck in the early mornin’s, with mild mornin’ temps, a good {{{ HOT }}} “Mug-O Joe” in hand, awaitin’ the Sun to crest the trees on the hill across The River, there is really somethin’ spiritual about it. Only by bein’ Retired can I repeat this time and again.To watch the rays of the Sun reachin’ out, streachin’ upward to the heavens as though it did on “The First Day” as GOD said “LET THERE BE LIGHT”!. I usually find myself sittin’ in my special chair, that gives me the best overall view. I’ve said before, here I feel as though I’m sittin’ on “The Front Row Pugh”. Listenin’ to the sounds of the mornin’. The birds are all chirpin’, the squirrels are just a scurryin’ up & down the trees chasin’ one another. Usually a pair, or more, of Crows cawin’ & lookin’ for a Hawk to pester as it’s searchin’ for an early breakfast, There’s the sound of a few vehicles rumblin’ across Stemley Bridge probably headin’ to start their slavin’ jobs to earn their pay (thank you Doobies). I can hear the ducks down on the water quickin’ away, & the occasional eruption of a fish {{{ Bustin’ }}} The Surface” for its mornin’ meal. These are the times that I feel closest to GOD. For I have received his message! And then, there it is! The Sun clears the the trees. The mornin’ temps begin to rise, & I know it’s going to be a wonderful day. Then, it’s time for another Mug-O-Joe, as I sit there on The Deck, contemplatin’ my day…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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